Living Stone

Living Stone is a Contemporary Christian band now based in Las Vegas, NV.

Lead vocalist/bassist Evangeline Jackson and guitarist/ vocalist Randy Jackson have been involved in Christian music most of their lives.

The band started playing together in the Twin Cities area in 1997. In July of 2004 the band released their first album "Spirit Whisper."  Their second album, "Another Shade of Blue" was released in 2010.  "Purpose of My Days" was released in July 2015. Their forthcoming album "Any Other Morning" will be released in 2024.

Evangeline is a member of the Prairie Island Indian Community, a Dakota tribe located near Red Wing, MN. She grew up on the Fort Traverse reservation near Sisseton, SD. She began singing at the age of four, performing gospel music with her family, the Larry Russell family. In 1986 she married Randy Jackson, a member of the Whitefish Lake First Nation, a Cree tribe in Alberta Canada. Both performed with the group SonRise, one of the first aboriginal groups to perform original Christian music. Sonrise toured North America until 1995.

The group has worked with several drummers over the years. Percy Gutierrez of Minneapolis, MN and Royce Platero of Albuquerque, NM often work with the band. Percy has played on many of the group's recordings 

The music of Living Stone involves a wide range of musical influences,although their style is not easily described. With guitar driven songs and content rich lyrics reflecting their faith, their music has itself been an influence on other Christian artists.

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